About us

  1. We are committed to being a centre for wellbeing in the Arts.
  2. As industry specialists, we will enable you to maximise your artistic and creative potential through our wellbeing resources.
  3. We vow to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.
  4. Be Extra will support our communities through arts & wellbeing.

Be Extra is a new, wellbeing centred, non-profit organisation founded by creatives for whom the arts are central to their lives and mental health. Here at Be Extra, we believe that art, whatever form that may take, is key to improved wellbeing, especially in the pressured environments in which we find ourselves all too often at the moment.

We provide support for those working in, or who hope to enter, creative fields. This is through promoting self-care through creativity and providing courses to support the unique struggles of those within creative industries. At the same time we hope to advocate for the role of the arts within communities, and emphasise the positive impact low-pressure artistic exploration can have on the average person.

Meet the Team

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