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Empty chairs and empty studios

How the global health pandemic has impacted studio spaces and their owners

by Alice Strachen, co-founder of YourStudiosUK

The effects of COVID-19 have devastated many industries, one of the first to shut its doors was of course the creative industry with theatres going dark and all TV and Film productions halting filming back in March 2020. With this closure, studios across the capital that usually would have been filled with rehearsals, fitness classes, filming and auditions were sadly left completely empty. 

This has had a huge impact on the industry as a whole and the mental health of many. Studio owners have faced huge turmoil and with no clear route out of lockdown, they have been left unsure of when they will be able to fill their space once again and financially, the impact has been absolutely devastating. So the roll out of the vaccine has been welcomed with open arms, with the hopes of busy studios in summer 2021 in sight. 

YourStudios was created to help creatives find their perfect studio to hire with ease and our hope was to help studios fill their spaces, help their marketing pursuits, increase their visibility and ultimately grow their overall profits. Creatives have produced some absolutely incredible work over the course of the past year, with many taking their work online, choreographing out of their bedrooms and doing their best to work out of their homes, however, research has shown that, “When you have a lot of demands from both work and family and you put the workplace in the home, family demands become very salient and you’re reminded of the conflict,” said the study’s author Timothy Golden, who is an associate professor at the Lally School of Management & Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. “But when you’re at your workplace, you don’t see the chores and family members, so you’re a little removed from the conflict”.

Juggling the home/work life balance is an incredibly difficult task with many really struggling with motivation and productivity as a result. Having a separate space for our different pursuits is so important as ultimately, we want to be able to associate our home as a place of comfort and rest. 

Another bad habit that has crept in for many is working from their beds, something which at one point maybe sounded like a total luxury and dream job, however has now become a difficult reality. According to psychotherapist and behavioural sleep medicine therapist Annie Miller, there’s a very specific reason why we shouldn’t work from our beds.

“When we use our bed for other activities, like working, reading, watching TV, etc., we create an association with wakefulness. We want the bed to be a cue for sleep, and working in bed weakens this association,” says Miller. 

With so many obstacles to overcome, any work that has been achieved over this past year deserves to be celebrated, but take comfort in the knowledge that our beloved studios will be open to us again very soon, we’ll be able to get back to yoga, work on the correct floors, have space and have be in the same space as others! 

We can’t wait! 

YourStudios launches in April 2021. Head over to their Instagram to keep up to date.

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