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Studio Spaces: Welcome to our creative spaces series

Our spaces expose ourselves. How we think, how we feel and how we act are all laid bare in the way we choose to manipulate our surroundings. Whether those are studios, halls or bedrooms, the most intricate details of how we identify ourselves are unmasked in the finer characteristics of our chosen environment.

The team at Be Extra knows and understands how creative spaces are safe spaces: they are places that we can retreat to when we feel most vulnerable or inspired. As a species we are drawn to the idea of home, no longer a mere habitat, it is an autonomous setting where we create deeper relationships with our authentic selves. We nurture and curate our spaces to act as canvases on which we can express our artistic and emotional self. 

The creation of meaningful relationships between the self and environment is executed through the physical exhibition of our interests and emotions, the absence of external stigmas, and the inclusion of sensory experiences. All of which are deliberately cultivated to evoke positive responses: the playlist, the lighting, the aroma, the refreshments, and the tactile experience collaborate to build an energy that best represents the individual. 

It’s also important to note that creative spaces create a sense of community. While our togetherness in these spaces has been hindered over the past year, it has been sorely missed. Our ability to connect with others who share our interests enables our sense of belonging and value within a wider sphere. These areas often help to ensure inclusivity through similar experiences and values despite our different backgrounds. Such spaces help to reduce loneliness and create relationships free from personal criticism that the arts industry can often be subjected to. These can include art classes, exhibition spaces, cinemas, theatres, churches, writers’ rooms – the list is endless and hopefully, in time, we can return to our favourite places and revel in the passions that bind us.

Our new project delves into the creative spaces that make our artists feel at home. Each episode is a personal studio tour, hosted by different artists, to explore the connection between art and environment. We want to divulge just how integral our spaces are to helping our wellbeing and encouraging creativity across the Be Extra community. 

2018-05-08 15.51.01.jpg
Image from the landing page of Mel Jordan’s website –

Our first episode is with Mel Jordan, a haptic artist who uses thread-based crafts at the core of her work, and has a maternal POV. Mel walks us around her studio, which she currently shares with her son, and talks us through her experiences with art and how she utilises her creative space.

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Natasha, Nicole, and Rachel x