Welcome to Be Extra


Welcome to Be Extra, a centre for Wellbeing in the Arts.

BE EXTRA creates bespoke wellbeing resources for creatives which are expert lead, accessible and affordable. Lead by professional creatives and psychological professionals we have a unique ability to answer the challenges that they face in their lives and careers. Our services include workshops, corporate courses, digital courses while also being adaptable to create resources bespokely. 

Our team consists of a growing 38 dedicated volunteers from across the UK.

We also have a growing advisory panel of professionals from every genre of the arts as well as our own ambassadors.

We are leading the revolution to support artists when it is needed 

now more than ever.

In 2018, a study by Shorter et Al. showed that 60% of artists had considered ending their lives and a further 29% had made an actionable plan. As a result of the pandemic and a lack of support for the arts, the decline in mental health evidently declined drastically.

We have spent the year researching and developing in this creative wellbeing crisis and we believe, now more than ever, we can actively make a difference to arts industry.

Maximise your artistic potential through support from our wellbeing and resilience resources for creatives.

Want some music inspiration? Check out our themed Spotify playlists… This week we’re featuring our Chill Soul playlist.