Welcome to Be Extra


Welcome to Be Extra, Centre for Wellbeing in the Arts.
Maximise your artistic potential through support from our wellbeing and resilience resources for creatives.

At Be Extra, we believe that wellbeing is the cornerstone of ensuring the continuation of exceptional art and creativity that is consistently produced by the UK’s wonderful arts and culture scene.

We focus on the individuals at the heart of this industry, promoting the need for them to take care of themselves. At Be Extra, we provide wellbeing resources that are specifically tailored for artists and creatives. Through our extensive online toolkit, we make these wellbeing packages accessible and fully inclusive, on both an individual basis, for communities and for the use of workplaces.  

We aspire to connect creatives and artists with a wide variety of wellbeing resources. These include online courses, music streaming, performances, workshops, networking events and so much more. Whatever your background or personal interests, we can guarantee that we will provide an event for you to connect with. 

Our team understands that the arts sector – while it is a sheer privilege to be a part of – is not without its difficulties. Being employed in a highly creative career has its challenges and, at times, it can be highly taxing on our mentality. This is why we place such importance on the need for all artists and creative people alike to utilise our resources and take the time to care for their wellbeing.

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