Wellbeing Live

We created an online performance platform for artists, creatives, and wellbeing practitioners to showcase, perform, or talk about their art and the arts sector.

We did this through Facebook Live, with viewers from around the world!

Wellbeing Live brought artists and audiences together, online, so that every participant could focus on their wellbeing for a few moments through art.

The project started when we received feedback from many creatives who were frustrated in the lack of platforms to perform due to the Covid pandemic. This forced many artists (and the entire population) into isolation, leading some to question their art form and even made some fall out of love with their art altogether.

Others found a new love for an art form that they hadn’t experienced before. 

This was not only a performance platform, but also a supportive online community where viewers would share their experiences in the arts along with the host. This also opened up conversations about mental health and wellbeing for artists and audiences and many thought-provoking discussions took place in each 30-45 minute session along with messages of support and appreciation of the art which was being showcased. 

You can check out every Wellbeing Live session on our Facebook page or our youtube – we’ve had a wide range of artists get involved, including: